Project Description

2d color doppler D30

2D Color Doppler | Item# D-30

Brief Introduction

  • Transmitted signal’s accuracy control
  • Phase Exteninent Harmonic (EPH)
  • Image: image optimization imaging technique
  • Adaptive color artifact removal technique
  • Linear probe independent angle deflection
  • I-station: integral work station
  • Accurate vessel imaging (AVI)
  • B/C dual real-time display
  • Convenient and practical data management
  • Practical data management
  • I-User-defined, Intelligent User Defined system, subverts the previously blind settings of user-defined data and memory the settings while user processes, Meanwhile we can achieve One-key to complete the browse and save
  • I-station integral work station for image storage, report generation and cloud print
  • Convenient and practical one-key storage
  • U-disk and DICOM port are convenient for doctor to manage data, supporting for remote transmission
  • Comprehensive benefits and products superiority
  • High quality economical and practical color Doppler, pursuing extreme high cost-effectiveness
  • D30 adopts high performance, high reliability embedded control system, entirely defences virus invasion.
    With specially selected ultrasonic hardware, makes system security, stability and high-speed operation together,
    to ensure high reliability
  • More competitive cost performance, software can be upgraded

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  • Country Origin: China

  • Brand Name: VIOMED or OEM

  • Certification: CE, ISO, FDA

  • Payment: TT or L/C